Managing Your Time With An Orthopedist

Your Orthopedic Surgeon: When To Refer To Them For Your Healing Broken Bone

When you've had a broken bone that is healing in its best way, you want to make sure you can do what you can to encourage healthy healing. While you are in a cast, you may be restricted from certain activities so your bones can heal in a more positive fashion, but you may need the interference of your orthopedic surgeon to help you heal even more. An orthopedist can help you heal most effectively, especially if you can recognize when it's best to seek them out for advice. Here are just some times you may need to refer to your orthopedist for your healing endeavors regarding your broken bone injury.

When you are behind schedule on your healing process

If your broken bone is not healing as scheduled, you can feel at a loss as to how to keep the bone healing in an appropriate way. Your bone may have several fractures in it, or it may simply be a bad break that you keep putting pressure on, thus keeping the wound from healing the way it should completely. Either way, when you have a broken bone, your orthopedist may need to get involved if the injury is prolonged and you have to get a new cast more frequently than other patients with similar injuries.

When you are healing inappropriately

If your broken bone is not healing correctly, an orthopedic surgeon may be needed to help correct the healing pattern in your injury. You may have to have the bone set again, and surgery may be required, which is something your orthopedic surgeon can assist with. An orthopedic physician will want to give you a physical, do an X-ray, and may do other things to help you realize just what needs to be done to help promote healthier, more accurate healing.

When you are in increasing pain

In general, your injury should heal more rapidly than you think and should also keep you from feeling a lot of pain. If you are feeling more pain as you heal from your injury or your broken bone is causing you increased pain rather than less pain, then you need to see an orthopedic physician to figure out what is going on. Nerve damage and other injuries can be causing you to heal less successfully, which can be detrimental to your overall health and well-being and can make the healing process more difficult overall. Your doctor can refer you to an orthopedic physician if you do not already have one yourself.