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Do You Have Degenerative Joint Disease And Need A Shoulder Replacement? What You Can Expect

Degenerative joint disease is a type of arthritis. This is generally due to getting older but young people can have this type of arthritis even though it is not as common. This happens when the cartilage that is used to cushion the shoulder bones wears away due to softening. Once this happens, your shoulder bones will the rub together when you move your shoulder, and you will feel a lot of pain. If you have this and your doctor has suggested that you get a shoulder replacement below is what you can expect.

When You First Arrive

When you first arrive at the hospital and are settled into your room, your doctor or another health professional will give you a shot in your shoulder. This shot is used to numb the pain right before you go into surgery. This shot is useful as it will lessen the pain you feel right after you have surgery for a time. 

Once you get the shot you will be taken to the operating room after the shot has been given enough time to work.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

During this type of surgery, your doctor will remove the parts of your shoulder that are damaged. Once they are removed, the doctor will then replace these parts with a prosthesis.  The doctor may only have to replace the ball, which is also called the humerus, or replace both the socket and the ball. 

After the Surgery

When the surgery is over, you will start to feel a lot of pain after the anesthesia wears off. Because of this, you will be given pain medication. If the pain medication does not work, the nurse will try other pain medications until they find the right type that will help you with your pain. You may also have a morphine drip inserted into your arm that will allow you to have more pain relief.

By the next day, a physical therapist will come into your room and immediately start your physical therapy. This is important as if you do not, your shoulder will stiffen up quickly. This will start out with you standing and resting your hand that has your good shoulder on a table. You will then slowly bend down and rotate your arm. This is only the beginning as you will have to go to physical therapy when you return home for a few weeks to help you gain back your range of motion.

Your doctor can give you much more information about degenerative joint disease and joint replacement surgery services.